5 Fun Alternative Christmas trees

Decorating for the holidays is a time that is both fun and festive. Searching for some new ideas each year that delights and inspires however, can prove difficult.  That is why we have researched five fun alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree that will not only add a touch of the unique to your home this holiday season, but also is a fun activity for the whole family.

The best part is that alternative Christmas trees provide practical options that are eco-friendly and suitable for small spaces. With a little imagination, you can create an eye-catching tree for your home.

Alternative Christmas tree ideas can be as complex or simple as you want. You can pick the right idea based on the look and feel that suits your home. The variety of options from which to choose include felt, pineapple, wall hanging, ladder, and fringe Christmas tree. You are sure to find something to suit your festive taste.

1. Felt Christmas tree

This decorative option gives you multiple customization choices. You can opt for the cheery snowmen, adorable felt penguins, cute baby owl, simple wreath ornament, or other decorations. The felt Christmas tree provides an interactive option that is ideal for both adults and children. You can make the decorations using scraps of felt. Felted wool balls provide a simpler option, which makes the task easier and fun. In the end, the balls give your tree a cohesive appearance. You are sure to enjoy transforming the tree by adding a cozy look with a variety of ornaments. Or as a further alternative, place some sticking Velcro onto the back of your favorite festive photos and turn your DIY felt tree into a DIY family Christmas photo tree!

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2. Pineapple Christmas tree

Pineapple Christmas trees have undoubtedly taken the festive season by storm. They are trending on social media platforms thanks to their uniqueness. Choosing this option allows you to express your creativity on a tabletop feature. You can take advantage of space-saving and inexpensive benefits of making a Christmas tree using pineapples. Children will love this feature over the holidays as you break from the traditional tree ideas. These decorative items are ideal for the dining room table and counter tops.


3. Ladder Christmas tree

The ladder Christmas tree allows you to mix things up and add a touch of fun to the festive season. Many people find the simple ladder tree fascinating as it provides countless customization options. You simply need a set of eye-catching decorations and a ladder shelf. This feature allows you to add any ornaments that appeal to your taste or complement your home's décor. The ladder shelf can look amazing with baubles, small gifts, lights, tinsel, and other decorations.



4. Up-cycled Paper Christmas tree

The Up-cycled paper Christmas tree is a wonderful way to put some of your left-over paper and magazines from throughout the year to good use. There are so many ways in which you can create an amazing paper tree design that the only limitation is your imagination. You can opt for a paper cone and gold paint to create a stunning Christmas tree that adds color to the room. Another innovative paper tree design is to simply re use old books folding them to create the designs that match your preference. The bonus is that wrapping paper is easier to find during the holiday season.


5. Christmas tree wall feature

With the Christmas tree wall feature, you can transform any room by adding a colorful touch to the wall. You can use wrapping paper to create instant artwork for your tree. Alternatively, opt for Christmas cards that can turn the feature into a work of art. The wall feature can also incorporate ball ornaments and wire to create a unique decoration for the holiday season. Additionally, you can add family photos from previous holidays to the wall feature. Doing so brings a nostalgic feeling to the room, which captures the essence of the season.

We have touched on only a few of the incredible DIY tree ideas that are out there. use your imagination to come up with your own interesting and innovative Christmas tree alternatives. 

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