Boho Chic

Looking for a piece of jewellery to really set off your outfit? Something that makes a statement. How about a piece that is more than just your run of the mill style and in fact is more like wearable art. A piece that expresses your wild, free, nature loving side. If this sounds like what your looking for then a Boho jewellery piece is for you. 

The Bohemian jewellery style is inspired by its people's lifestyle; free spirited with a deep inclination towards art. The Bohemians design their items emphasizing meaning. From the leather wrap bracelet to the wood and ceramic statement necklace, worn hanging or intact, these are some just a few examples of Boho style jewellery that has made an impact on the fashion world with it's astonishing beauty.

Bohemian earrings

The earrings come in a variety of styles; dangling beaded and feathered earrings, the chandelier, the waterfall, the hoop and the half hoop made of gold, silver, brass or even ceramic. Varying in colors, the chandelier and waterfall earrings, for instance, can be worn on serious occasions with very formal outfits. With the half hoop studs' simple look, they can accentuate a simple look and make it appear superb.


Bohemian rings

The rings come in shades of colors and sizes, in singles or crafted together as one, wrap type or the cocktail ring topped with a gemstone depending on an individual's likes. The material used can be silver, gold, bronze, glass, natural fibre or gold plated. The rings also come in modern, floral or animal themed styles some having attached meanings and still can be worn any day

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Bohemian necklaces

Beautifully designed, the necklaces come in forms of pendants, chokers, beaded and Y-necklaces with lengths either extended or brought close to the neckline made of beads, polyester, wood, silver or brass. With a variety of colors incorporated in the beaded types, a less formal event, especially on weekends, will do them magic while the pendants can be worn on a less casual shirt to the office. The beaded bone necklace, on the other hand, will look good on a guy with a casual shirt or an African print.

Bohemian bracelets

From the beaded wrap around to the leather bracelets, these cuff items that come in multiple of colors can be worn any day with any attire. Apart from their aesthetic value, the bracelets have little emotional attachments. While the glass beaded and wrap bracelets can be worn on official events, the stretch beaded is suitable for a more serious casual event like weddings.


Bohemian anklets

These accessories come in forms of charms, beaded or linked together in different colors. Incorporated with quartz, agate, calcite, and other gemstones, the charmed and the beaded anklets can be worn on barefoot or with sandals while the moonlight silver anklet can be worn to signify that social status. Since an outfit on its looks just nice, additional beauty makes it stand out.


Whether the item is worn on top of attire or tied on specific places, the elegance it associates itself with will always ooze that natural beauty effortlessly. With the Boho style's intent of coiling its way back to fashion, it will be hard to ignore these fun and artistic pieces.


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