Fairy light fun

The fairy lights trend continues to blow up on social media circles, especially on Pinterest. Today, there are a countless number of Pinterest accounts focused on showcasing creative and interesting ideas which you can play around with fairy lights.

But first, what are fairy lights?

These lights are basically small LED lights attached on a thin copper wire. These strings are used to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. The concept of setting up creative lights has attracted DIY enthusiasts who are now scouring the web far and wide searching for new fairy lights ideas to tinker with.

LED Star Garland

We have found 5 of the most popular ways in which you can transform your home using fairy lights.

1. Fairy Mirrors.

Mirrors play a crucial role in adding the illumination in your living spaces. With properly set mirrors, erstwhile small and cramped spaces become bigger and more beautiful. Now, you can add to the magic of the mirrors by placing fairy lights on its borders. The mirror adorned with fairy lights comes alive and you'll definitely love spending quality time in front of the lit display.

2. Picture Montage

An interesting idea of playing around with these decorative lights involves using them to mount and display your family pictures. What you do is simply, string up the lights on a wall and then use pins or clips to attach your precious family photos.

3. Rustic Mason Jars

If you're in the rustic decorative themes, then this idea is great for you. You can get clear glass jars and fill them with the fairy lights. These jars ought to be placed on a wall and if possible, let these glass containers rest on top of a wooden plank. Then, on top of these jars, place some flowers; you have the option of either using natural or synthetic flowers.

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4. Enchanting Bedrooms

Sprucing up your sleeping spaces with these lights is as easy as pie. All you need do is collect tree branches and then hang them on the walls and on the roofs of your bedrooms. Once the branches are in place, it's time to breathe some life into them with the wrapped fairy lights.

Once you press the on switch, you'll be pleasantly taken aback by the wonderful chic-like transformation you've conferred your erstwhile nonchalant looking spaces. Alternatively, you can use the lights to decorate the blankets on your kid's bedrooms. Your kids will truly enjoy the magical effect on their blankets and they'll most certainly have the best goodnight sleep ever.


5. Fairy Words

Another trend that comes highly recommended to the DIY enthusiasts who've fallen in love with the fairy lights is this one. People are nowadays using the stringed fairy tale lights to craft unique names on their walls. This idea is quite easy and straightforward and you'll have to use your creative genius to decide on what slogans and words you want pasted on your walls. You can then go ahead and complement these pasted and lit words with mounted pictures on either side to incredible results.

We have only delved into just a few ways in which you can use fairy lights to spruce up your living spaces. Take that inspiration, and your new LED star garland, and let your imagination run wild. You are only a few clicks away from transforming your own space into a twinkling wonderland.


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