Fun Felt Christmas Tree

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Inspire fun and creativity this holiday season with our DIY felt Christmas tree. An exciting alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, this DIY felt tree enables you to decorate it a multitude of ways over and over again. Simply place the ornaments anywhere on the tree you desire or easily move them around until you have achieved the tree of your dreams.  Get your little ones involved and  create a fun family decorating experience with a twist this festive season!


  • High quality felt that is non toxic.
  • With double stitching via needle and thread our DIY tree is durable making it great for use over and over again.  
  • Our DIY tree is more than just your run of the mill Christmas tree, as it can be used as a fun family Christmas activity or even become a new family tradition. 
  • With its compact design our tree can be easily folded and stored away using very minimal space ready for use next year. 


  • 1pcs DIY felt Christmas tree + 26pcs ornaments


  • Place some sticking Velcro on the backs of family photos and turn our DIY felt tree into a DIY family Christmas photo tree!!

     For more amazing DIY Christmas tree ideas, check out our blog post.5 Fun Alternative Christmas Trees here. 

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