Thaw Master defrosting tray

$35.95 $45.95

Thawing food fast has never been so easy!

Stop spoiling your food by using a microwave and hot water that end up cooking your meat and foster the development of bacteria. With the Thaw Master, save yourself the headache of forgetting to take the food out of the freezer ahead of time. 

Our tray is the solution to eliminate last-minute thawing frustration. Made from a special aluminium alloy with thermal conductivity of 20,000 times that of ordinary metals, our tray achieves a high-speed heat exchange, resulting in the fastest natural thawing. 

Save yourself precious time using the Thaw Master™ to prep your meals, while keeping the original taste and nutrition of your ingredients 

Grab yours now!


  • Aluminium base
  • In built grooves to promote drainage
  • Safely defrost your food in minutes
  • Up to 6 times faster thawing then ceramic thaw plates
  • Available in three convenient sizes 



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